The finisher.

Today is a tale of two FO’s. One revived old project and one very new project.

First up, I finished the first of my revival socks! These knit up beautifully, and I really love the way the gauge changed the pooling on the sock. This pair has been a bright knit on some particularly rainy April days. These are my sixth pair in my box o’ sox.


When I started these back in May-ish of last year, I knit toe up socks and split the ball of yarn in half. When I decided to revive these, I was presented with a problem. One skinny sock, one 50g ball, and one 19g ball was the yarn that I had. I didn’t really feel like ripping back the sock and washing the yarn at the moment, plus I wanted to have it to compare the new socks with. So I knit the first sock with the larger ball of yarn and combined the two smaller balls to make the second sock. In the end, I added the new ball of yarn to the top of the of the foot somewhere in the gusset and you can’t really tell. I wound up with about 9g of unknit yarn at the end. Not bad for three socks!

My second FO wasn’t even a WIP the last time I posted. I cast it on on a Monday evening and bound off the following Sunday afternoon. That’s what I call a quick shawl. The pattern is the Spindrift Shawl, and it’s a free pattern if you sign up for Helen Stewart’s shawl workshop. One of the things I love about Helen’s patterns is her percentage system. It’s a little like striped socks, it’s so easy to think just one more, one more 5% chunk, then I’ll go to bed. One word. Addictive.

This is a one skein shawl and I used 90g of my skein. I was a little skeptical about the size, tending to like larger shawls. But it blocked out to the cutest little light, airy shawlette. Plenty to drape over my shoulders on a summer night or wear as a spring shawl draped around my neck. The yarn is YarnInk and was a club colorway from February 2016. I love how it is so soft and speckly and sweet.




I have plans for my next shawl and next pair of socks already. I’ve picked out my yarn for the first shawl society shawl, due out in May. The peach and mint is a bit out of my usual comfort zone, but I’m digging it. I think I’m going to try to go for a revival sock pair every other pair, so that I can mix in some fun new socks as I go. I got some new yarn in from Baerenwolle, and it seems to be just the ticket for spring.

Joshua also has a sock request in the queue and his birthday is coming up. It seems my knitting cup runneth over!

YoM days 101-106: Shawl knitting and finished Spindrift!

YoM days 107-110: Sock knitting and finished pair 6 of the year!

Happy making!

100 days of making.

On each of the last one hundred days, I have put time into making. Some days, it’s been hours and hours of knitting or sewing and others it’s been just a few rows on a sock before I fall asleep. All in all, it’s been a great experience so far. I’ve become much more mindful of my time and it’s become easier to squirrel away a few minutes to myself no matter where I am.

I keep track of what I do each day in a little spreadsheet. According to the spreadsheet, I have knit on 88 of the last 100 days. 88! That’s a lot of knitting. I think it’s easy to see where my passion lies. 77 of those included sock knitting. If you’ve read this blog before, you probably aren’t surprised—I do love my socks. There was a bit of shawl and hat knitting thrown in there as well. The rest of my days were spent sewing, quilting, and cross stitching, with one evening of kraut mixed in.


This is my first 100 days worth of finished objects. It’s a pretty happy lot to look at, if you ask me. I am by no means prolific, but I’m happy with my progress. In the first one hundred days of last year, I had made three pairs of socks, a shawl, and a hat. This year, I’m up to 16 FO’s! That’s quite the increase.

I always think of myself as a product maker. I want the thing—the shawl, the quilt, the jam—so I make it. It makes my heart soar to see all of the projects I’ve finished, to use them and love them. But one thing I’ve learned over the last 100 days is that the process is equally as heartwarming. Making de-stresses me and stokes my creativity. Writing this blog has helped me see all of the stories that are woven into every project I make and that has been a wonderful discovery.

I can’t wait to see what the next 100 days has in store for me. We’ll be well up into July at that point so I hope there is a fair bit of canning alongside the socks in my next collage.

Year of Making Day 100: Sock knitting, what else?

Happy making!

Progress and plans.

Yesterday, I got up pretty early for a Saturday to see Kevin and Astra off for a trip. Joshua and I stayed home and had a fantastic evening with my brother’s girlfriend, who was stopping through on her way north. We took a long walk, made supper, and stayed up late—for us—knitting and talking.

Before our lovely evening Joshua and I ran a few errands, one of which was a very important trip to my LQS. I’ve had it in my head for a while to make myself some spring bags, but mostly was looking to replenish my stock of solid white yardage. They were out of the solid white, but I did find some fun prints to stoke my creativity. I picked a solid to go with each and got out of the shop before any serious damage was done.


I dug into the sunshine and clouds fabric this afternoon. I just love the sweet take on grellow. I made a lovely little project bag a la Jeni Baker’s tutorial on her blog, In Color Order. The tutorial is a great guide to making this cute little project bag, she takes it step by step with clear pictures and explanations. I am quite pleased:


In knitting news, my revival socks are coming along really nicely. I’m falling in love with the yarn all over again, and can’t believe how different the new sock (top) looks from the old sock (bottom).


I’ve also signed up for the second season of Helen Stewart’s Shawl Society. I didn’t participate last year, but I enjoyed the Snowmelt so very much that I decided to take the plunge this time around. The Shawl Society is a six-month club, with one shawl pattern released each month. I’m challenging myself to knit all six, let’s hope my steam holds out through September! Yarn hints for the first shawl come out tomorrow and I can’t wait to go stash diving.


Finally, tomorrow marks my first 100 days of making! I’m going to do a bit of recap and I’m looking forward to taking a moment to reflect on this project.

YoM day 95-98: Sock knitting!

YoM day 99: Made a project bag and some sock knitting

Happy making!

Snowmelt Shawl.


Thank you to Joshua for the photography!

Much like winter in Maryland, the shawl is finished. My very first mystery knitalong and my biggest project to date. All done. I couldn’t be happier. The pattern, Snowmelt Shawl by Helen Stewart, is just divine. So easy to follow and well written. I loved knitting it, even when it got to be in the 500+ stitch range.

The yarn is all by Peepaloo Fields, and boy am I huge fan of hers now! The soft but fun colors of these yarns really tug at my heartstrings. I’ve been joking about how even my subtle colors turn out loud, but I think the overall effect is soft and sweet. Up close it’s a symphony of mint and pink and lilac and yellow. These yarns are all the 80/20 base, Sensible Sock in (A) Smitten, (B) Bumble, and (C) Smokestack.



It really bothers me that that one point is turned under, but the light’s gone now.


Untitled design

It took me a little less than two months of not being overly faithful to this project to finish it. I’ve been a little listless without a big project on the go, but luckily I have two quilts that are begging to be cut and pieced.

I hope you are enjoying the season and any sunshine that you may be having. For me, this snowmelt shawl and the sunshine we’re having fit very well together to brighten my day.

YoM day 93: Sock knitting

YoM day 94: Sock knitting

Happy making!

Linking up to Sew Fresh Quilts

Sock Revival.

This weekend I’ve been wanting to finish things up. Maybe it’s the spring cleaning bug—which certainly hasn’t extended to the house or laundry. Either way, I finished a pair of socks and my snowmelt shawl. More about the shawl later, but here are the socks:


The Lemonade Shop, Sweet, Sweet Candy

This pink hurts my teeth it’s so sweet and pretty and these are pair 5 in my box o’ sox. After finishing two projects, I was in the mood to cast on but still on the finish-old-projects tear. Enter the ghosts from the graveyard of abandoned socks:


These were all declared dead due to fit issues, most of them being too small. I had a weird period last summer of ill-begotten socks with major gauge issues. It was as if I was strangling the life right out of the yarn. I managed to fix that problem—still not sure how, beyond just relaxing—and my socks have fit just fine since. The unfinished socks have not rested easy, however. Since all of these sock projects are around a year or more old, they kinda feel new. Bam! Two birds with one needle, er, stone.



Yarn Ink, Martini, a club colorway from early 2015



Into the Whirled, Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey


Marigold Jen, main is Lazy Days, contrast is Sunbeam


Gale’s Art, Rockstar Rainbow


KnittyandColor, Milky Way

My plan is to knit a pair of these each month through Sepetember. I’m going to start with the KnittyandColor pair. That—completely finished—sock is so small. So skinny that I can’t get it all the way on my foot, let alone up over my ankle. Oh well. I think there’s enough in the cakes to knit a whole pair so I’m going to try that. Then I’ll unravel the sock and wash the yarn for minis.

I’m excited to turn all of these zombies into alive and happy socks. I remember purchasing all of the yarn and it all still makes me happy to see, so I can’t wait to add them to my box o’ sox!

YoM day 89: Sock knitting

YoM day 90: Sock knitting

YoM day 91: Snowmelt shawl, started a new quilt top, and finished sock pair 5!

YoM day 92: Sock knitting and finished Snowmelt Shawl!!

Happy Making!

Ending on a high note.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? March has turned out to be quite the whirlwind. Between two personally difficult weeks and a week long work trip, it’s been a bit hard to keep up the making mojo. Often, I’ve found myself crawling into bed and knitting a few rows of a sock in silence before sleep.

I cast on a new sock for my work trip, thinking a bright green sock would be perfect for a trip over St. Patty’s Day. The yarn is Lamby Toes in a one of a kind dye lot, on her corriedale base. For a relatively short flight, I was productive. I knit slowly, but steadily through the week. This work trip was for our annual meeting and is the busiest week of my year. Not much time for knitting, but by the time we touched back down to Maryland, I had picked up and started the gusset.

The trip itself was to New Orleans. I would love to go visit the city one day when I could explore the Garden District and other areas in the daytime. As it was, all of my free time was either early in the morning or late at night. We did manage a late night vampire tour, an early morning walk to Cafe du Monde, and a pre-flight afternoon walk through the French Quarter.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been a ball of stress and have found it difficult to knit for some reason. I was home Wednesday evening and fretting about what to do craft-wise. I thought I might sew, so I spent some time perusing different small projects I’ve been bookmarking. Nothing was really catching my eye, so I went into the craft room for some inspiration.

A month or so ago, I stumbled across the Layer Cake Pop quilt pattern and thought it might be a good thing to hone my skills on, so I purchased the fabric for the top. It’s a free pattern and uses a teensy bit of fabric—really, half a layer cake and a jelly roll. I saw the fabric sitting on the shelf and decided that I could at least get started cutting it out. An hour and a half later, I had finished all the cutting. I don’t know what came over me, but it was so enjoyable.


I started piecing it and it just seemed to magically grow. It is supposed to be a shortcut quilt, and I’m telling you—it flies by! I finished the top this afternoon. I never even took any progress pictures, I just made the thing!



The fabric is a Lecien layer cake in Retro 30’s Child Smile and a Moda Bella Solids jelly roll in white. You can find the pattern here, I highly recommend it, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. My piecing is certainly not perfect, but this was a good size project to practice on.

I’m feeling the sewing bug coming on strong, so we’ll see what happens this week. It felt great today to finish the quilt top, after such a busy couple of weeks. I can’t wait to quilt it!

YoM day 69: Sock knitting and snowmelt shawl

YoM day 70-80: Sock knitting.

YoM day 81: Quilting

YoM day 82: Sock knitting and quilting

YoM day 83: Sock knitting and quilting

YoM day 84: Finished Layer Cake Pop quilt top!

Happy making!

Sock knitter.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I like socks. I’ve always liked cute socks but when I figured out that I could knit them, something clicked. I am by no means a prolific sock knitter, but it is definitely my go-to project.

I don’t know what it is, maybe the dichotomy of spending so much time and effort on such a practical object. Maybe it’s the freedom to put any and every color of the rainbow on my feet. Maybe it’s just that they’re steady and simple and I don’t need to think much.


Tumbleweed Yarn in Sidewalk Sand

I have certainly evolved as a sock knitter. This is the first pair of fingering weight socks I made and they took me months and months. I gifted them to my mom, because I knit them too short for me and din’t know how to take out the toe and re-knit it. I also have slowly gone down in needle size and stitch count over the years. I think I have some delusion about having very wide feet and legs, so my sock size has just slowly gotten smaller as I’ve tried to get a more snug fit.

These are socks I knit a little over a year ago and you can see how loose they are! I was knitting those at 72 stitches, I’m down to 64 now. If you’re curious, nowadays I generally follow Susan B. Anderson’s sock recipe, except I knit mine on 2.0 mm needles (US 0).

I do deviate from this pattern for self-striping socks, or any other yarn where I don’t want to disrupt the pooling or striping along the front of the sock, and for contrast heels. For those, I’ve done a fish lips kiss heel or the smooth operator sock, but now I am a full on Kirbywirby convert. I knit a 12-13″ sock tube and cut in the heel according to her tutorial.

All of this to say, that I love to knit socks. I love learning more about them, honing my skill and the fit, and of course, wearing them. My new pair is humming steadily along, and this color, Sweet Sweet Candy, makes my heart sing.

We’re on a surprise roadtrip to be with family, so my car knitting game has been strong—and my snowmelt is finally getting some love.

YoM day 62: Sock knitting!

YoM day 63: Sock knitting!

YoM day 64: Sock knitting!

YoM day 65: Sock knitting!

YoM day 66: Sock knitting and snowmelt shawl

YoM day 67: Snowmelt shawl, finished clue 3!

YoM day 68: Snowmelt shawl

Happy making!