Sock knitter.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I like socks. I’ve always liked cute socks but when I figured out that I could knit them, something clicked. I am by no means a prolific sock knitter, but it is definitely my go-to project.

I don’t know what it is, maybe the dichotomy of spending so much time and effort on such a practical object. Maybe it’s the freedom to put any and every color of the rainbow on my feet. Maybe it’s just that they’re steady and simple and I don’t need to think much.


Tumbleweed Yarn in Sidewalk Sand

I have certainly evolved as a sock knitter. This is the first pair of fingering weight socks I made and they took me months and months. I gifted them to my mom, because I knit them too short for me and din’t know how to take out the toe and re-knit it. I also have slowly gone down in needle size and stitch count over the years. I think I have some delusion about having very wide feet and legs, so my sock size has just slowly gotten smaller as I’ve tried to get a more snug fit.

These are socks I knit a little over a year ago and you can see how loose they are! I was knitting those at 72 stitches, I’m down to 64 now. If you’re curious, nowadays I generally follow Susan B. Anderson’s sock recipe, except I knit mine on 2.0 mm needles (US 0).

I do deviate from this pattern for self-striping socks, or any other yarn where I don’t want to disrupt the pooling or striping along the front of the sock, and for contrast heels. For those, I’ve done a fish lips kiss heel or the smooth operator sock, but now I am a full on Kirbywirby convert. I knit a 12-13″ sock tube and cut in the heel according to her tutorial.

All of this to say, that I love to knit socks. I love learning more about them, honing my skill and the fit, and of course, wearing them. My new pair is humming steadily along, and this color, Sweet Sweet Candy, makes my heart sing.

We’re on a surprise roadtrip to be with family, so my car knitting game has been strong—and my snowmelt is finally getting some love.

YoM day 62: Sock knitting!

YoM day 63: Sock knitting!

YoM day 64: Sock knitting!

YoM day 65: Sock knitting!

YoM day 66: Sock knitting and snowmelt shawl

YoM day 67: Snowmelt shawl, finished clue 3!

YoM day 68: Snowmelt shawl

Happy making!

Finished, nonetheless.

I did not finish the socks in time. I’ve come to terms with that fact. I’ve decided that really February is a short month and doesn’t count, right? Right.

All jesting aside, I just couldn’t get it done. I didn’t have the knitting mojo for it at the beginning of the week. I did learn that I can knit a complete heel flap on the train from College Park to Tenleytown and back.


The knitting mojo was back on Wednesday with a vengeance and  I finally finished them Thursday evening. I just adore the finished pair. The colorway is a little out of the box from my typical palate, warmer I think, but that’s one of my favorite parts.

The yarn is Tempting Ewe Yarns in the Rainbow Brite colorway. It’s on their Ewe So Happy sock, which is a plump and squishy 90/10 merino/nylon. These may be the squishiest pair of socks I’ve knit. Ewe So Happy Sock comes in an over-sized skein of 125 grams. I had about 57 grams leftover after these, which is plenty to make another pair of socks with! I am thinking about making a pair for my sister-in-law, the colors remind me of her.


I decided to do a contrast toe for these and picked out a mini I had received from a friend a while back. The yarn is Countess Ablaze in Orange Fizz. I was a little afraid of running out, since I only had 6 grams of it so I did a mini contrast toe.I just knit the first three decrease rounds before adding in the orange. Normally, I’d put in the contrast for the first decrease row, but this was a cute change.

These are my fourth pair in my box o’sox. It makes me excited to be a third of the way to a full box already. I remember the year where I just couldn’t get 12 pairs done and that feeling of progression is nice. I  do just love knitting socks and it brings me joy to see them in my box. I’m considering not wearing them until next year, having a whole box of pristine new socks at the beginning of next year is awfully tempting.

My next pair is already on the needles. The yarn is from The Lemonade Shop in Sweet Sweet Candy. I’m enjoying these but also thinking about my Snowmelt shawl, the last clue is out!

YoM day 58: Sock knitting

YoM day 59: Sock knitting

YoM day 60: Sock knitting

YoM day 61: Sock knitting

Happy making!